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Monday, May 9

Text Etiquette!

I am a firm believer in text message etiquette!  SERIOUSLY!  Don’t BUTCHER words and make your own abbreviations and expect me to know WTH you are talking about!  Too many smiley faces are annoying as are LOL every other line!  Texts are meant for short sentiments, there is a reason they restrict you to 160 characters.  I will confirm lunch plans, let a friend know that I am running late or, when Hubby is home, tell him I love him.  I am also big on sending random Diva pics to my family and her Aunties… thank you Blackberry!  It took me FOREVER to get into the Smartphone era, I held out for some now unknown reason.  I miss texting Hubby while he is gone, I miss seeing his name/picture pop up on my phone.
Much beyond the above I think you need to pick up the damn phone… otherwise you look like a SERIOUS coward.  In which case what you are doing is likely not right.  Just saying.  If you need to cancel a date, tell your parents you are married/divorcing/moving PICK UP THE PHONE!
This Mothers Day was an interesting one for texting!   I sent/received quite a few Happy Mothers Day messages to my favorite moms – those ladies that I have learned something from over the years.  Whether it’s the moms that have dealt with sick children and handled with grace and love or the moms that have raised children alone whether it is divorce, deployment or death and those moms that have grown and have businesses and happy marriages and wonderful kids.  These moms inspire me… I even got a text from my real estate agent wishing me a happy day and talking about a property that I love… yes I LOVE another one.  Poor Hubby….  I have looked at more houses in the past 4 months than I thought was possible… each one has some stupid thing I hate.  Our big NECESSITIES – Kitchen area, Living area, location, yard.  We would like 2 sinks in the master but I can work with that. 
ANYHOW- In the midst of my texts I got one from someone that is, well I thought, my best friend.  She is the woman that I have looked at inspired as a mother, she and I talk daily… we spent her birthday together not even 60 days ago.  Our kids call us each ‘Aunt’… we are just that close.  We share something I share with NO ONE ELSE in this world.  That is what made this text so hard.  I handle and forgive so many things in life, but I don’t forgive LYING.  That’s a virtually unforgivable thing to me.   She TEXTED me and her mom that she was expecting in 4 months!  That means when I saw her last she was past her first trimester… certainly when we talk daily she could have told me.  BUT A TEXT!  Texting you are pregnant is something that should be reserved to random friends… just my opinion.  Needless to say that her mom was devastated and I was pretty pissed.  We even had a baby conversation recently in which she said that she didn’t want anymore.  HMMM… thanks!!

Well… LOL @ u 4 lsg ME

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