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Thursday, May 5

Toe tappin...

This phrase has brought back some cringe worthy moments!  Our old neighbors above us were Indian and did family toe tapping in their living room NIGHTLY… after I asked them not to do family jump roping OVER our daughters bedroom at 8pm!  Toe tapping is almost as loud and obnoxious! 

But today my toe tapping is because I LOVE music… I love to dance so much so that I get busted getting down at my desk regularly!  I can’t listen to music without at least tapping my foot.  Lately I have been LOVING Glee and today I found the Camp Rock soundtrack.  Oh yes, I am lovin me some Demi and Jonas!  It is silly but every song has a dance beat so it helps keep my brain happy.  I have been smiling and foot tapping all day!  I am just waiting and hoping for a call or email today.  It’s weird how much I pray for the little red dot on my blackberry to go off.  Hopefully my foot tapping will get me through the day all smiles so that when and IF I get a call I will be all smiles and giggles rather than sullen and missing my partner.

Last night my foot tapping was very different.  In fact it was the total opposite… After a successful dentist appointment, NO CAVATIES, and getting her cute haircut fixed Diva got a nice cold shower.  She threw a fit over lettuce on her taco, so instead of just eating it she ate the whole BOTTOM and let it fall all over the place while complaining and making faces.  I sent her to go to her room to calm down.  Oh no, she started really screaming and yelling.  I don’t put up with disrespect and getting yelled at by my 7 year old, however I am not a spanking parent.  Cold shower calms a child down quickly, especially when they are still wearing their clothes.  She then went to bed.  I am exhausted and annoyed that this is even an issue!  JEEZ KID.  New haircut, added attitude! 

She is SUPER excited for her summer camp though… YAY for the Army Reserves!

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