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Monday, May 2

From Sickness to Heck Yeah!

Diva and I were sick.  Yep, flu sick.  If you have ever been sick with the flu (yes, I couldn’t keep anything down) and had a child sick with the flu (opposite side!) you know how much it sucks!  She had a fever of 102 and I couldn’t keep any medication in her long enough to break the stupid fever.  I was cooped up for 2 days, had a horrible headache and wanted to cry.  She was still grounded but mommy lifted the ban on TV for Saturday night so we could just cuddle and relax. 
Yesterday we both woke up feeling like a million bucks!  This was also the day she decided that she was going to BEG me to cut her hair.  She has been asking for months and I have said NO every time, regardless of her reasoning… she has long pretty hair.  So, finally, totally sick of being the bad guy I deflected to daddy knowing that he would also say no.  He said no when he was home on R&R, he said no before he left… I wasn’t concerned ONE BIT.  To my surprise, he said YES!  CRAAAP!  Now I was totally screwed since he said yes.  I took her to the salon and let her cut her hair… 10” so she can donate it to Locks of Love.  Yes, that was her reasoning all along because my oldest niece does it as well. 
Diva does look pretty cute with her little bob cut.  I am proud of her decisions and will get the hair in the mail.  It was a moment… and yes I cried!

Last night we went Goodwill Shopping.  I LOVE the Goodwill.  I spent $35 and got 15+ items including a super cute 1950’s dress.  After we were all done we headed to my mother in law’s where we got the Bin Laden call.  My cell phone, email and texts were just blowing up and her home phone started rigning.  Everyone wanting to know what this means for our deployment.  In a short answer, nothing.   I talked to Hubby this morning and well… yep, business as usual.  They are all happy and proud of the team that did their secret squirrel work.

FABULOUS.  Question is, what next?

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