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Sunday, April 17

Biking a million miles!

Now that hubby is all fit and in AMAZING SHAPE (yes, 6-pack abs and those sexy hip lines) he is SUPER into working out... and maybe a little looking in the mirror.  haha.  So this morning at 5:30, WAY before  he normally rolls out of bed, he was headed to a spin class 15 miles away.  SPIN class... who wants to ride a bike for over an hour to go NO WHERE!  He quietly snuck out, without waking up Diva or I, and headed out to class.  I think it's funny and inspiring... not inspiring enough to put down my malted milk balls and work out.
He has been working out daily since he got home - running, biking the trails and hitting the gym.  I worked out the first week he was home... then after the pageant I took a week off!  I am enjoying my chips ahoy!

Do you work out?  What do you like to do?


Shelly said...

i wish i had his motivation. I don't work out like I should these days. Some nights I'll do a yoga tape, which originally I thought was going to be a waste of time, but I can definitely feel a difference when I've been doing it for a while. We also bought a treadmill on R & R and I barely use it. Once the kids are in bed, I'm basically worthless and do nothing. Maybe when my hubby gets home I can go run while he keeps the kids away from me ;)

Shana said...

Thats my biggest problem... trying to find time when I am doing it all by myself! ARGH. MEN haha