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Thursday, April 21

Knocked up on R&R

I am a happily married adult so yes, I can say Knocked Up... besides it was a movie, albeit not an Oscar winner but a movie nonetheless.

On the way into the airport yesterday (walking in, full uniform with me barely hanging on choking back tears) Hubby commented “Wouldn’t it be nice if our house offer was accepted and you were pregnant all on R&R?!”  ARE YOU NUTS!  Of course he would say that… he is a man and has had ZERO child responsibility in the past year!  Let’s see just THINKING about it - between my time off for maternity and daycare cost alone I get an ulcer!  Yes, I want another child… no question about that but it’s all about timing.  He has been gone 2 days and people are already asking if I am pregnant…. REALLY PEOPLE! 
We tried for several years before he left… I have a 5% chance of conception so adoption is our plan.  Diva has already informed us that we will be adopting a boy!  Ok, little miss thing I got it.  I am happy in that plan as adoption takes years and I like those odds.  Diva being 8-ish and hubby and I married 5 years…. Yep that’s a great plan!
I know a lot of women get pregnant on R&R, I mean they have cute shirts on CaféPress, but it’s doubtful I will be that woman… mainly based on the fact that I started THE DAY he got home (moments after we got home…oh yes, 10 days late!).  Poor guy has been waiting 9 months to see me naked and he gets a wife with a ripcord!…   I am anxious to see all the pregnant bellies at Homecoming, hopefully they belong to the same women that were there when they deployed… lets be real the Chilean Miner had NOTHING on certain members of our military.  Hubby just laughs at me when I give him The Rock eyebrow over pregnancy comments but after 4 ½ years together I think he expects it!

How many of you tried to get PG on R&R?  Did it work?

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