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Thursday, April 7

Stubborn as ... ARGH 6!

As ANY milspouse with a deployed hubby and kids knows EVERY day is different.  Some days the kids don’t seem to mind daddy being gone and then out of the blue it seems like the end of your child’s world.  This weekend was the former… She acted like she had no idea daddy had been gone for more than 8 months nor ANY idea he would be home in a month.  I loved seeing this carefree 6 year old… she played with her new friends, asked about a million questions about life and was just GOOD.  I LOVE having this little girl… she is my world, my whole wide world.  This weekend was wonderment, was cuddly, was listening and obedience… basically perfect!
Over the past 8 months I will admit there have been times I have threatened ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get her to straighten up… spankings, timeout, losing privileges and boarding school.  The funniest part of all of these things is this:  I don’t believe in spanking (nope, not against it AT ALL but you know your kids and you know what works and that just doesn’t for her), time out (YEP, total waste of time!  Good for you if this works for your kid, I WISH!), she has lost just about any and all privileges outside of eating, breathing and going to the bathroom, boarding school… well lets just say that’s still in the top 5! 
I have yet to figure out the ‘right’ choice for discipline… I do know that she is as stubborn as her father a mule and that hasn’t changed!

How do you discipline?  What has worked better or worse for you?

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