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Wednesday, April 13

Guest blogger - Slurping Cake Batter

Goodnight Moon was the very first blog I started reading and have majorly branched out thanks to her blog suggestions. 
Please enjoy Amber and visit her funny blog at Goodnight Moon

When I was a kid, all I could think about was growing up and being an adult. I thought that adults had it so easy. They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted and they didn’t have anyone to answer to.
When I was a kid, I remember thinking that when I grew up, I would make cake batter and drink it up raw, like a milkshake. I remember thinking that I would make chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it raw all day, every day.
Now that I’m an adult, life isn’t just slurping up raw beaten eggs in the form of cake batter. It’s not just making cookie dough and eating it raw from a big bowl and a wooden spoon while watching a girlie chick flick.
Being an adult is hard work. Why did I think as a child that adults don’t have to answer to anyone? I’ve got so many people I have to answer to, before I can even make time for myself during the day, and that’s if I’m lucky! My days are never carefree or glamorous. Half the time my “alone time” is sitting in my “office” {a.k.a the toilet} trying to conduct my “business”. But who am I kidding? When I’m in my “office”, doing my “business”, having my “alone time”, I always have a kid either on my lap crying or on the floor watching me conduct my “business” with a bowl full of cheerio’s as I’ve somehow become their entertainment for the moment.
Being an adult isn’t at all what I thought it would be like when I was a kid. But it is really interesting how full circle childhood, rounds into adulthood.
What were your childhood thoughts of becoming an adult? Did you want to make cake batter and slurp it like a milkshake too?


Melissa said...

The bathroom thing is so funny! I think kids automatically see you sitting there and have to come in!
I have to say I never thought of just slurping cake batter, but I do remember I could not wait to grow up and "do whatever I wanted" ha, sometimes I wish I could go back!

Goodnight moon said...

Thanks so much for having me over for a visit today Shana! I hope your enjoying your man as I am sure you are! Your the sweetest!!!!

Kris said...

I don't get the bathroom thing either. My son even calls me into HIS bathroom to chat while he's doing his business. Really, can't you be by yourself!! Cookie dough was what I was going to eat every day - chocolate chip cookie dough mmmm

Shana said...

I LOVE cake batter... LOVE IT. I love it so much that I get cake batter flavor frozen yogurt every time.
I told hubby I couldn't wait for R&R so I could CLOSE and LOCK the door to go potty! haha