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Wednesday, April 20

Guest Post - So Blessed and Thankful for My Husband to Be Deployed

I have 2 more guest posts by awesome women!  I will post one today and the last on Monday... still trying to get my bearings back and my house cleaned... I guess thats normal since he just left yesterday!  haha

Today is by Wife of a Sailor - our fearless leader of MilSpouse Friday Fill-ins which I LOVE!

So Blessed and Thankful for My Husband to Be Deployed - Wifey
I see a lot of my non-military friends posting on Facebook and hear them talking to me over the phone.  And I realize I am so lucky. And blessed.
I’m lucky that I have the privilege of sending my husband off to sea to protect our country and I feel sorry my civilian friends aren’t that lucky.
Wait, what? Yeah, I know many of you must be thinking this. But hear me out.
While we go through the pain of saying goodbye to our spouses (and if you are married to a submariner, you get this privilege every three or four months), we also get the privilege of being apart from them for several months with no contact.
What? You say that doesn’t make sense? I’m crazy?
Well… while my husband is gone, I’m lucky enough to be forced to stand on my own. I can’t talk things over with him because we have virtually no communication. I have to do stuff for myself. From fixing faucets to dealing with dogs that are on the verge of dying to dealing with everyday problems… I do it on my own. And learn to be even more self-sufficient.
Being alone sucks, don’t get me wrong. And right now, approaching our second set of holidays in a row apart and knowing that when he comes back, we’ll have spent only 6 weeks of the last 20 months together… and not all at once… really, wholly sucks. And I sometimes envy my civilian friends who get to have their loved ones close every day. Knowing they get to be there for the holidays. Not having to schedule time together and vacations and holidays around deployment and work-up schedules.
But we, as military spouses, are able to have something so much more than civilians. While we know the pain of being apart, we know the sweet joy of being together. We know, through the devastation experienced by our fellow military spouses, the complete sorrow of losing a spouse too soon. And we don’t take being together for granted.
But because of that and our frequent separations, we know how to savor each and every day we have with our loved ones.
We know how to enjoy every sweet minute.
We know the absolute joy of homecomings.
We have constant “honeymoons.”
We are forever falling deeper in love with our spouses… thanks to the separations we must endure.
I am so blessed and thankful for my husband to be deployed.

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