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Saturday, April 30

A different approach... are you JOKING!

Yesterday I called in sick to work... yes I was off for 2 weeks for R&R and just got back to work the 19th but I was sick!  I usually don't call in and go even when I am sick but you know what?  A day at home ALONE, sick or not, is often needed.  My heart hurts, my head hurt and yesterday my stomach hurt.
I still don't know what to do with Miss Smarty pants but she is learning about consequences.  She still has NO TV, Wii or DSi.  Her only allowed enjoyment is reading, no playing with her toys (not that she EVER does that anyhow, but thats for another post!), no friends, no NOTHING for a week with days added on for attitude.  At this point my sanity is going up but my electrcity bill is going down.  Yesterday hubby told to take a different approach and I almost flipped my lid. 
After the whole lunch money incident and charging school lunches because she didn't like what SHE packed he said that I should CALMLY take her to the store and ask her to pick out her new lunch choices.  I explained that she has been doing that... to which he replied that maybe I could remind her of all of these things.  That the way I was describing how she had been acting didn't SOUND like his little girl.  Well... genius maybe thats because you have spent a grand total of 28 days around her in the past 375 days!  Of course thats not what you think because she was total honeymoon while you were home getting as much attention as her little heart desired... she was allowed to interupt conversation rudely because it was "sweet" she wanted to talk, you didn't say a word when she was rude, full of attitude, or talked back because "you don't need to react to everything (anything in my opinion)... yes I am a frustrated wife.   All of the normal rules went right out the window while he was here.  No bedtime, no responsibilities... TOO MUCH!
All things above is WHY I needed a sick day yesterday.  I laid in my jammies on the couch watching the Royal Wedding, got a quick Skype date around lunch and then laid around the rest of the day.  I picked Diva up from after school care at 5 and ended the night. 

Today I am equally as frustrated just a little more alert to be so.  Well... off to finish laundry!


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Josie Bolleurs said...

Girl I totally hear ya. My hubs is the same and 4.some reason I also don't receive his parenting advice well either. Honestly, thru no fault of their own, they have NO idea. Richard suggested I get the newborn on a schedule, like its that easy! however i have 2 say, they have good INTENTIONS, even tho its not necessarily the kind of support we need. they cant listen 2 our problems w/o trying 2 fix it. they r trying and thats more then some can say. thank goodness its almost over! btw, have u thot of letting her pick out her lunches? lol jk jk ;)
ljve ya girl hang in!