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Tuesday, April 5

It's Superbowl weekend

The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy in our little world.  This weekend is like my Superbowl so preparations are totally underway.  I am competing in a pageant... yep, you read correctly.  I am in a pageant... see TIARA isn't part of the title for nothing.  I am competing with my platform of honoring the families of our fallen service members.  I love the idea of bringing light and respect to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  The children that have lost a parent and being able to give back to them in any way.
Then we also have R&R SOON… so much anticipation for everything.  Its hard not to have a ton of expectations surrounding R&R though… I want to spend hours talking and cuddling, watching Army Wives… playing with Diva.  Just family time and alone hubby time.  I need to know that we still connect in person just as much as we do in Skype and Email. 

So for the next few weeks I will blog randomly but have set up some pretty impressive Guest Bloggers to fill my absence.


1 comment:

Shelly said...

Good luck in the pageant (or do you say break a leg, I don't know ;)
I think that is a great platform.

I hope you enjoy R&R. Can't wait to hear to read about it. I hope time leading up to it flies by and then everything slows down for those 2 weeks.