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Sunday, April 3

If's and Ish's

WOW... our lives as MilSpouses are full of IF and ISH.  To some ISH is sh*t but to me it's so much more....

My husband will be home this day -ISH and that is only IF there are no sandstorms, casualties, personal issues.... etc.  Homecoming is this day ISH or maybe this month ISH.  AHHH

I wish that I could answer and schedule anything in my life that way.  Like a doctor.  You make a 12:00 appointment but that means NOTHING because he is on his time.  I want to make appointments on Friday-ISH and show up whenever I want IF nothing better comes along. 

Whats your most frustrating IF or ISH???

We went to visit another MilFamily this weekend... I love them!  Diva has established that she is marrying their son so we will be inlaws someday.  HA.  Last night Batman and Wolverine Girl went on a date while Batmans mom and I were having a nice ladies only dinner.  Sadly, we were both drained by 9:30 after a date at Applebees.  Oh well.  So goes life. 
Today we are back in our house with a sick puppy, apparently a bad and very upset tummy poopy puppy.  AHH fun.  At least I get to clean out my car in anticipation of R&R... IF he got out of country and on his way in the last 72 hours.... then I may see him this week ISH


Erinn said...

ahh the infamous IF and ISH.
Right now, my most frustrating IF is: My husband will be at my college graduation IF his crew is back from deployment on time.
I hope the puppy is feeling better soon!

Kimberly In Seattle said...

Oh dear, I so love if's and ish's. (end sarcasm), lol. We actually have less of both during deployments like this one, than during his normal work week. I prefer ish's over if's. Normally on any given Monday we don't know if he'll be home by Friday, so at least an 'ish gives me something. "It's a 10 day mission so I should be back next Fridayish" works for me, lol.

Shana said...

Oh Erinn! I hope he makes it home... is their return date close to Graduation?
Kimberly - sadly I have to agree. My husband is a reservist so his civilian job has WAY more ISH's so I don't mind those. This deployment has been simply bizarre to say the least but I can say this... I WILL NEVER complain about a home ISH when I have dealt with deployment IF's!