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Tuesday, April 26

Get it all done with and fun

I work full time… that’s 7:30-4 EVERY WEEKDAY.  I am beat tired by the end of the day and weekends are spent cleaning up from the week.  Now that R&R is over I do not want to get into the rut I was in before where I let the house go to pot and had 7 inches on the bed to sleep in but I also don’t want to neglect my dear Diva.  She is taking daddy leaving even harder this time than she did before.  The last time was all theatrics and little substance… because she didn’t understand truly how long he would be gone.  This time she is comparing the last 9 months to the next 3.  She just sits and sulks… she is sullen and sad and just misses her daddy. 
The last week especially I have learned how to be creative in fun Diva stuff because, lets face it the kid hates to clean.  Saturday mornig I started with her cleaning her room listening to her NEW iPod loaded with Glee and Camp Rock 2 music… then this weekend was a Wii marathon with Just Dance 2 and Michael Jackson Experience.  I have learned how and where to hide the controller to lose games and which ones she does a little bit better. 
We also worked on her balance and listening skills.  Did you know that kids used parked cars to stop their bike as its WAY more effective than the brakes built into the bike.  Last night I was informed by my darling Diva that she should be able to hit my car with her bike as it’s mine so no one else can get mad.  While this is true I don’t want to pay for the increased damage my dear child.   I tried to explain money to her… so I explain that it will cost about $1000 in paint and dents to which she replies, “that’s not that much” so I said it would be like 100,000 pennies.  Her jaw dropped wide open… haha.  So now I know that pennies are the way to go.  She wants to prove herself to daddy when she gets home by being able to fully ride her bike without falling and/or crashing.  Thank goodness USAA is so amazing for insurance… I may need it!

My house ... well the front of it.... is basically clean!  Now to put my own clothes away.

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