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Saturday, April 23

Love and Poop

"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find." Unknown
I was looking up motivational quotes last night ... then just started looking up quotes and came across this one.   I am not usually a super mushy girl.  I swear I didn't cry for YEARS... I was just totally unemotional.  WHen hubby and I met and Diva came along my emotions started as well.  I joke with him that I must have gotten his genes (His family cries... ) when we married.  I don't mind it so much any more.... I still contend that crying just makes me look like crap and gives me a headache but MAN this deployment and Army Wives have brought it out of me. 
This quote made me think of Hubby.  We have both been through so much in our lives before we found eachother and we just seem perfect together.  We met, became parents and got married in 9  months.... and Diva is adopted so there was no hanky panky on that one.  Hubby walked into the life of a 26 year old single girl that was in the middle of adopting Diva.  I lived on my own, didn't want a husband just someone to hang out with until Diva came.  He moved in and fell in love with US... not just me.  He became her daddy and my best friend... he became OURS.  
I hope that Hubby always knows how loved and important he is to me and to Diva.  He is my husband, my love, my soul mate... and on top of that, even half a world away he  is my best friend!
The stupid puppy decided that his kennel is now his bathroom... I am SO tired of cleaning up dog poop!  SO irritating!  No matter if he is in there for 15 minutes after a 4 mile walk and pooping his weight in the grass he finds a way to poop in the kennel.  So he is getting bathed several times a day and so is the kennel.  NASTY.

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