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Tuesday, April 12

My quick update... hee hee

While GORGEOUS hubby is at the gym and I am packing for our night away I wanted to say HELLO!  This past week has been amazing.... from the airport pickup to surprising our Diva then the pageant.  AMAZING is the word that makes it all up for me.  I never realized how much we have grown in the past year.  I love him more today than ever but yet I know its not as much as I will tomorrow.  I hope my blog families are doing great.... I will leave you with these three pictures and another guest blogger on Wednesday!

The BEST hug ever

The airport was watching!


annoyed army wife said...

Oh, YAY! So happy for you two!

Goodnight moon said...

I've got tears from these pictures! You can feel all the emotion just from looking at your pictures! I'm so happy for you! Soak him ALL up!!!!!