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Monday, September 19

Another year down!

Nope, not my  birthday but another breast cancer walk. 

What a weekend!  Here are the stats:

3500 calories burned
$1862 raised
$300+ spent for hotel room
39.3 miles walked
21 donors
13 hrs 30 min walked
6 pairs of socks
3 blisters
2 pairs of shoes

Memories to last a lifetime!

This was our 4th Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – it was AMAZING.  This was the first year that Hubby was there for all of it.  Day 1 he and Diva made signs and met us at the end... 26.1 miles and 8 hours of walking!  We were able to share a wonderful Italian dinner (I carb loaded on Chicken Picata, SO GOOD!)  On Day two, the last 13.1 miles, he and Diva brought his mom and I McDonalds on the route and were there cheering us on every mile along the way.  It was wonderful.  I couldn’t be more excited that we finished it without issues.

Here are some pics of the event... I am too sore to type much more!

One of the signs Hubby had

Diva's sign

Randomly in the middle of a neighborhood around mile 32

Actually choked me up a bit

between mile 37 & 38

"For us all"

Another Hubby sign

This Pricess doesn't own flats!  Blisters, sore feet and all... still rocking my boots!

Opening Ceremonies

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