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Friday, September 30

Chills me to the bone

I am LOVING some 80's music these days thanks to Glee. 

This week has been crazy and I am glad that it’s over – never before have I been SOOO glad!  Tonight will be a mommy and me night with Diva (I have a special surprise that I think she will LOVE!) and then family time tomorrow.  Maybe we can buy/hang our curtains in our living room??  We have had the outside curtains in a bag for the past month now but need to purchase the inside sheers.  Haha.  Sadly I have a scheduled appearance to make tomorrow night... should be short and sweet.  Only a few more to do before November and it's over... maybe.

My Friday Fill In!

  1. I always feel like I’m  38 years old, but in reality, I’m 31 .  When I am with Diva’s friends parents I feel super young because most are older than me but around my work and peers I feel WAY old because of our lifestyle and all we have gone through in comparison.
  2. I wish my family understood better when I tell them that being the wife of a deployed Soldier isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I’ve had my family tell me more than once that I “knew what I was getting in to when I married Hubby”, Well- there is NO way to understand being the wife of a deployed Soldier until you’ve been there.  Sorry – no amount of money makes up for nights alone. 
  3. If you saw me when I am all dolled up in pageant attire, you’d think I was a total girly-girl, but if you saw me when am in my jeans and flip flops, you’d think I was a tomboy through-and-through.
  4. I feel like I’m in a totally different universe when I’m at a parent teacher meeting... I still feel like a child.
  5. In honor of this being MFF #60… 60 months ago  (exactly 5 years ago, so September 30, 2006) I lived in Santa Ana, CA  and my life was totally different because I was single and just finishing my homestudy for Diva.
1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?  Yes, I do.  Well, I try to but sometimes I tell her she was right and move on.  I didn’t come from a very apologetic family so I didn’t learn well.

2. Do you have a class ring, letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"? 
Yes, I have my class ring that I wore for about 6 months and it has been in my jewelry box ever since.  WASTE of MONEY!

3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose? 
I am happy at 32 I think... only been here for a few months and it seems good.  Maybe 35 though because that seems like a truly adult age.

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name? 
Amelia – If we have another daughter that will be her name!

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be? 
Currently I would love for her to LOVE to read and be good at it – future though I want her to travel, go to college and LIVE before she settles down with a family.

Happy Friday!

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