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Monday, September 26

VA - DC - and the LOATHING of Delta

First of all... I'm sorry to the amazing friend I missed in DC (I SWEAR, I will see you in 2 months!!). In my defense I was so wrapped up in the wonders of the DC Memorials (Arlington, the WA Memorial, The WWII Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, and the Korean War Memorial) that I almost missed my flight home. Love you both and will see you in November... birthday dinner?

What a wonderful and exhausting yet energizing weekend! Not sure if that makes sense but let me say, I hate Delta (I think that the WEIRDEST people in the world are on Delta, with one exception.) Flights were overbooked, rude flight attendants, lack of overhead space and not on time then early and making me sit on the runway for another hour... oh and the stinky man sitting next to me from LAX to Atlanta (who incidentally touched me and rested his head on me GROSS, I HAVE A BUBBLE!)

Exhausting just because I flew a lot in just 3 days but it was worth every moment. Seeing my friend and her kids was just what I needed. There are some people in this world that you just connect with, people that you know in your heart will be part of your life forever... this is one of those people. We went out for girl’s night, spent family time... reminded me again why I want to live in Virginia. We saw a DEER and there was a turtle in her backyard. The kids were just amazed that we didn’t have turtles in our back yards in California... well; we don’t even HAVE a backyard but oh well.

I am happy to be home – Diva was so excited to see mommy this morning. While I know that she and Hubby had a great time together, mommy and she are a team. I missed that little terror loving Diva more than I can express.


Rosemary said...

Glad you had a great trip! Bummer about flying: I hear that a lot about Delta. I will keep that in mind for the future!

A Creed and A Psalm said...

I hate that Delta has such a bad reputation, especially since I'm from Atlanta. I wish they would raise their standards and treat people better - if you have to fly, especially a lot, you definitely want it to be as pleasant an experience as it can be!! Glad you got your girl time though! Your feature for tomorrow is about to post on my blog - woohoo!!!!!

Shana said...

Yes- I will forever more swear by the amazing treatment by American (plus they are a HUGE supporter of our military and families of our fallen)

Sorry- Delta you had your last chance and failed!