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Wednesday, September 21

Let them eat cake...

Back to regularly scheduled p*ss and vinegar as my mom would say.
Diva's personally made birthday cake for Grammy

Last night was Hubby’s moms birthday... so off to an Anaheim Ducks game we went.  YAY!  First game of the preseason, this princess LOVES Hockey.  Last season with Hubby gone we only made two games... this year I am working for 2 a month!  We shall see.  After the game Diva lived up to her name and threw a tantrum that any 2 year old would have been proud of. 

After a day at school, some homework... TONS of HOCKEY FUN... CAKE and then came the dreaded “Diva, please brush your teeth”  Yep, that was all it took for a full blown tantrum... complete with door kicking, coughing/choking, screaming and floor stomping.  I let Hubby handle this one, something that is NOT new to me being that this has been EVERY time I have asked the child to put away her clothes.  You would think I was asking her to pluck out her toenails and keep them for a pillow.  But with Hubby home I was letting him go this round while I sat and drank my coffee talking to his mom.  Diva screamed, begged, yelled, kicked... and poor hubby, kept his cool and tried to wait it out.  Not this time... 20 minutes of this consistently before he decided that she was actually crazy.  He went to talk to his mom and I went to handle the infant upstairs.  3 minutes and she was brushing her teeth, had kissed everyone good night and was in bed... within 7 she was asleep.  I am just that good (call me the tantrum whisperer)  haha,  really... I just know how to handle it because we have been at this game for awhile. 
While the discussion of why whirled on downstairs I laid in bed with my worn out baby and stroked her hair until she was asleep telling me that she loved me.  I joined the conversation downstairs feeling like I needed a stiff drink.  No answers just a lot of speculation (she's mad at him for leaving, mad a me for him leaving, just angry, mentally off... oh yes I was just THRILLED with this conversation).  She woke up this morning... and all was right in her little world. 

Watching my baby struggle like this is heartbreaking... in the past 60 days her little world has changed drastically.  Daddy came home, then left, we moved into a new house, then changed schools, started school and then daddy came home again.  She is only 7 and this is more than some adults can handle.  She is surely living up to her moniker now!
Post fight... Ducks lost but the fight was worth the 5 minute penalty!

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