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Thursday, September 22

do you really HAVE to...

24 hours from now I will be shopping in DC on a girls trip!  Hubby is none to thrilled... I don’t think that he actually realized I was REALLY going until I started packing.  He just watched me pack and pouted, Diva assisted before she realized what was going on... then she was sad.  I hate leaving for this reason BUT I am in need of a little time away.  This morning he walked around all sullen asking me if I REALLY had to go.  I know he wants me to go and have fun; I have been planning this trip since March but I have never been the one to travel... it’s always been ME dropping HIM off at the airport.  I think it’s just a bit different for him.

Last night was a good Diva night.  She finished her homework, helped me make dinner, said prayers and we had a lovely conversation about her terrorizing us boogery-ness this past few days.  She said she missed alone mommy time, wanted more family time and just gets angry for no reason.  It was interesting to say the least.  Reintegration is SO much fun!  This will be a good daddy daughter weekend!

I’m leavin... on a jetplane! 

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Michelle said...

There is NO WAY you are coming all the way here and not seeing me!! lol I don't care if its for just 5 min I want to see you!!! I hope you have some time..miss ya bunches!!!