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Tuesday, September 6


This weekend was Hubby’s homecoming party – and our housewarming party.  I invited 45 of our closest family and friends, and a TV crew (that’s all I can say at this point!) to join us.  I have been so excited for this party and I LOVE having friends and family over and entertaining but it also gets to be just a bit too much for me.  After being with just Diva for the past 15 months I was, to say it mildly, overwhelmed most of the weekend.  I did my best to be social but many times I just retreated to the bedroom alone for a moment. There were also moments that I found myself just staring at Hubby... weird I suppose.  I loved having everyone over enjoying having my WHOLE family together and being in our new home.  It was the people that meant the most... they were there.

Sunday was a block party at my mother in laws... a lot of fun.  Diva and Hubby were super social as were my in-laws, I spent my time with a sweet couple that has been together 34 years!  We talked cats, domestic violence and my future career (the friend of theirs is a Victim Advocate).  Stimulating for me to say the least.  Diva was in her true fashion of being just a total talking back pain, she LOVES showing off.  Not working for this mommy.  After a morning trip to the Northwoods Memorial and being mentally and emotionally exhausted, yesterday I found myself retreating to our bedroom while Diva took a nap and Hubby hit the gym – I pulled out the laptop and plugged into my book.  I spent the next 2 hours, without realizing it, editing and writing.  It’s nice to check out a little and get back to me. 

Tonight will be a family night, just Hubby, Diva and I watching Rio on the couch in PJ’s.  She may be late to bed but we all need this few moments alone. 

Back to our new normal!

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Reccewife said...

Sounds like a wonderful family night, enjoy your movies and your PJ's :)