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Friday, September 2

Is it really Friday?

TGIF!  Hubby and I got about 3 hours of sleep last night doing the final decorating and touch ups for my Father in Law and his wife staying with us this weekend and Hubby’s homecoming party – We are simply exhausted.  I went to Coffee Bean this morning and asked for the biggest baddest latte with the most shots of espresso possible just to wake me up... but I walked out with a 3 shot medium I mean I do like my heart and my stomach people.
I am SO excited that his party is tomorrow and then we can go back to our normal life... of sitting on the couch watching mindless TV instead of spending EVERY night since he’s been home shopping, assembling and decorating our new home.  NOW we get to enjoy it.  Every moment of the process will be worth it when his party starts and we can spend the day with our closest family and friends.

I do have to say this.... Reintegration is a b*tch!  For every moment I felt like he never left have been 2 moments that I feel that he has been gone years.  We connect in certain ways at a certain point in time and then can’t connect the same others.  This whole decoration project has been a lifesaver though.  Giving us a task to perform together and work together has been wonderful.  I mean the man STILL over thinks everything and puts 26 lines on the wall to mark off where 2 screws need to go to hang a mirror (and still manages to put them in the wrong spots!) but working together has been FABULOUS!

I can’t wait to share pictures of his party... and incidently for those who follow me from Facebook, I want to let you know that this blog will no longer be linked to my page as I feel it doesn’t allow me to truly be ME without judgement.  For the rest of you... thank you and I must say the blog will only get better!

HAPPY 3 day weekend... and NOW for Friday Fill in.

I LOVE LOVE learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!This week’s questions are:

1. My plans for this weekend include HUGE homecoming party and surprise for Hubby, but what I’d really like to do is … actually I can’t think of anything because we were up until almost 3 getting the last things together for the party and my inlaws staying with us.
2. I consider the Labor Day holiday an awesome reason to have 3 days off.
3. My favorite meal for cookouts is hotdogs and potato salad with corn on the cob, but my Diva wouldn’t agree.
4. So far, my favorite part of summer has been moving into our new house and watching Diva make new friends.
5. When it comes to deployments, my philosophy is LIVE!  I spent the first part of deployment feeling like I couldn’t do SO many things without Hubby and the second part catching up and planning for homecoming.

A few more... cause I am SO not in the mood to work!!

Check out and link up to Five Question Friday over on Five Crooked Halos (LOVE THIS BLOG!)

1. Shoes in the house - yay or nay?
HELL NO!  I hate shoes in the house... Shoes bring in dirt, crap and other nonsense and destroy my carpet.  We even have a cute little sign that says... Please remove your shoes!

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc?
Flip flops baby... I LIVE in them!

3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to?
Introducing me by the little Jonas from Camp Rock 2 – “I like cheese but only on pizza please and sometimes on a homemade quesadilla otherwise it smells like feet to me...”

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend?
Commitment – with my husband military and civilian careers I really count on my friends to be there for me when he is gone for 3 weeks or 15 months.  I can’t stand fair-weather friends... although this deployment was FULL of them.

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas?
Hubby is already home and got me the most amazing birthday gift so I couldn’t ask for anything else... oh wait, I am dying for my own

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Michelle said...

I wish Bryan and I could be there for the homecoming party!! We miss you guys and love ya bunches!! Have a great weekend, and we can't wait to see pictures!!