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Tuesday, September 27

Out of my bed!!

Last night Hubby and I decided to head to bed early after the long weekend we both had – He had Diva ALONE all weekend and the poor man was a bit overwhelmed (ha, try that for 15 months there love!).  So at 9:30 we crawled into bed and I was almost asleep when he asked me the question, “Baby, did you hit me up on Words yet?”  SERIOUSLY...  So for the next almost 2 hours we laid in bed, next to each other playing Words with Friends!!  Yep, so many adult options and that’s where we go...  I am exhausted this morning BUT I am beating him AGAIN.  No more in bed.  We don’t have a TV in our room because I don’t like the idea of watching it in bed... bed is for sleep and possibly procreation.  That’s it!!

Dear Words With Friends... your bedroom privileges have been officially REVOKED!

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