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Wednesday, September 28

A record night

Homework is a NIGHTMARE in our house.  The last weeks has been virtually unbearable with Diva so I have been trying to think of anything to get through it.  Last night I thought I would start the night off on a positive so Diva and I went to get our toes painted – for me it was my pat on the back from the walk that gave me REALLY sore big toes.  I know, weird but whatever they HURT!
We got home just before 5 and started homework.  She then proceeded to act like a TODDLER throwing a fit for the next 3 ½ hours!!!!  I am so tired this morning and came up with a new rule – she will go to bed ON TIME regardless of homework status.  IF she doesn’t finish it then she will get the consequences at school – maybe a day or 2 of that will cure her fits.  Heaven knows that staying up that late isn’t helping anyone.  When she gets in that mood, nothing stops her!

I feel like it’s my fault because she was like this all last year as well and Hubby makes comments like “maybe you weren’t paying enough attention” or “I’m sure you were screwing around on the computer instead of paying attention to her”... umm NO!!  I am not a helicopter mom; I sit at our desk NEXT to hers and offer my assistance.  I want her to learn that SHE can do this on her own; she doesn’t need to rely on us for EVERY THING.  I spent the last part of last night in tears because I feel that I failed her, that she is struggling because of something that I missed – AHHH I hate this.  He feels that he knows all the answers based on his ... extensive knowledge about children from being deployed for 15 months???   Oh yeah he worked with 1st graders over there I’m sure... NOPE, maybe some of his soldiers ACTED like 1st graders but they were not.  I do not like feeling my parenting critiqued from someone that wasn’t there.... SUPER frustrating!

Anyone else experience acting out kids post deployment?


The New "Normal" said...

I totally feel your pain! Second grade homework has been AWFUL! My son cries and whines the entire time. I wish I knew what to do about it - I'm a teacher so you'd think I might have some idea, But I'm clueless!

Shana said...

I have talked to her teacher and she says that she is simply an angel in class so she doesn't understand! Civilian teachers are LESS than ideal for our kids of deployed parents... in my opinion.

A Creed and A Psalm said...

We don't have kids, but I know it's not your fault at all. My parents did like you do - sitting near and offering assistance. If they would have hovered over me practically doing it for me just to be "involved", I probably would have just become lazy and practically had them do my work for me every day. You have motherly instincts - trust them and do what you think is right!! Maybe meet with her teachers and see if they see anything at school that you might not at home that may help her? Also, your blog has been such a joy to read, I have given you a little something :) read the post to find out! http://acreedandapsalm.blogspot.com/2011/09/cream-of-crop.html