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Thursday, September 8

My morning blog roll... prayers

I am in LOVE with a blog... actually SEVERAL blogs.  This is my morning schedule  - my morning starts way too early.  I help get Diva ready and for the last 2 weeks have been able to leave early while Hubby is still on leave and taking her to school.  Then on the road, the 21 mile drive takes anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour (depending on a 5 minute leave time from home).  Once I get to work I check all my favorite blogs – you can see some of them to the right.  Then I check the Possessionista.  She watches random Tween and reality shows and reports style and where the items come from often including normal persons realistic purchase place... this Army wife can not/will not pay $200 for Pippa’s SUPER cute blush colored maxi dress.   Yes, I waste my first hour on crap...

This morning though I read something and it broke my heart.  The Unlikely Wife just found out that her husband was injured in country and has lost his legs.  She started with the fact it’s the second worse thing to hear from the military and my heart sank.  This was a conversation that Hubby and I had many times throughout our relationship.  He has always mentioned a larger, for lack of a better word, fear in losing a limb than his life.  As a wife I truly don’t know if I have an opinion... but I do know that my heart and prayers go out to the Unlikely Wife and her husband.  I pray for his health and their peace and patience.  Regardless of branch we are all military wives and will all stand together when needed – I have never met her or know where she lives but I do know that if she needs anything we are all there for her.

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