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Thursday, September 15

Happy Anniversary!

It's amazing when you feel that no matter what is going on in the world... it's just the two of you there!
On September 15, 2007 I married my best friend after a whirlwind romance.  Hubby and I re-met online 4 days after he returned from his last deployment, went out on our first date 2 weeks later... moved in together after another 2 weeks, became parents (through adoption to a 2 ½ year old, this was something I was pursuing BEFORE I met him) and were married 10 months after we met.  Everyone thought we were crazy, that we were moving too fast... and I know some thought it wouldn’t work.  Well, here we are 4 years and a 15 month deployment later and I am still in love and married to my best friend.  Yes, we have both changed and our relationship has evolved but we did it together with the promises of better and worse.

Our engagement photo... thats how we roll!

Last night we giggled about what we were doing on the 14th of September 2007 and again last year...  The night before our wedding he was drinking Jameson and coke with his Battle Buddies while I was trying to get a tired and cranky 3 year old to sleep.  Last year he was in Germany accompanying a Soldier from Iraq while I was trying to get a tired and cranky 6 year old to sleep.  Hmm... some things never change.  This morning as his blurry eyed self was getting up, almost an hour after me I must say, he smiled and thanked me for putting up with him... I said “Your Welcome” to which he said .... AND?  “Baby, I can’t thank you for putting up with me because I am the best thing to happen to Wifedom since an apron, I am pretty amazingly perfect, never have cramps or nag, wait on you hand and foot... and always put out”  ok... I said all but the last part but good grief!  Haha.  Anyhow, he has put up with a lot but when you love someone that is what you do.  I am thankful to have him home this year to celebrate with a moment that will mean the world to both of us.

What a difference a year makes!  Last year on our anniversary this was our date... 

Then I took Diva out to a nice dinner at Bennihana’s!  She LOVED being my big girl and date.

This year it’s going to be early to bed – leaving tomorrow for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and a long 39.3 mile trek to help bring awareness to and wipe out breast cancer.  I am blessed to have his support, love, faith and understanding because I know this life wouldn’t be the same without him.  He has never questioned my countless hours volunteering to save the ..., he helps me write speeches for both domestic violence awareness and helping the families of our fallen, he has been to his fair share of beauty pageants and even (sort of) watches them at home with me... I couldn’t ask for a better partner to share life with.  Thank you and Happy Anniversary my love.

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