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Thursday, September 1

Spilled beans... ALMOST

I ALMOST spilled the beans last night.  I told you I stink at this.  He knows I am being secretive, again I am a BAD liar.  He started questioning me about where I am going after work today (I am leaving early for an appointment in a city that I have NO reason or good excuse to go to) and why I have been taking calls outside.  I totally understand WHY he would be a little caught off guard – he has been gone for 15 months and now his wife is being SERIOUSLY over protective of her phone and calls.  I even turn it off at night just in case an email or text comes in about the surprise.  Diva was there yesterday when I was making some small plans and I had to use the phonetic alphabet with the caller so little miss didn’t bust me.  I am sure the vendor I was speaking to thought I was ABSOLUTLY insane... from “Hi this is Princess, I am calling about the secret squirrel thing for my husband” then to “ Yankee – Echo – Sierra  India – Whiskey – Alpha – November – Tango”  Yep, certifiable here!

My father in law and his wife will be here tomorrow staying with us.  Diva is SO excited to have Grandpa and Grandma here.  We are so excited to share our new home with family - they live so far away it's nice to see them and for her to spend time with them.  She loves that she see’s her coloring in him.  Diva is at an age where she is becoming aware that she is browner than I am, has darker hair (hers is dark brown) than mommy (blonde) and daddy (light brown) and has darker eyes (mine are green, his are blue and hers are dark brown)... BUT Grandpa and Uncle have her coloring because my Father in Law is half Japanese so he has more olive coloring and dark hair and eyes.  When we adopted Diva we knew that at some point she would notice that she didn’t look like us, her birth father is Hispanic, but we always want her to be proud of her heritage and her story. 

Anyhow – tomorrow starts our FULL HOUSE for the weekend.  We have a party on Saturday, a block party Sunday and then some chill family time Monday.  YAY for a 3 day weekend!!!

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