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Thursday, September 29

My inner Joe Dirt

This morning I went for FUN – got up a little bit early and did my hair.  What I mean by this is, I clipped in my extensions or “Drag Queen” hair as I call them.  I added about 6” onto my short hair and flat ironed/ curled it all and look HOT!  It's all big and curled and ... holy moly!  I love to wear my hair, it makes me feel SO SUPER sexy.
I get to work and it’s a conversation piece about how GREAT my hair looks this morning, how I should wear it down more and so many commented they never realized how long my hair was (it's only an inch past my shoulders usually... today it's 2 in past my bra strap).  GEEZ NO ONE pays that much attention to me around here... Although it makes me desperately miss my long hair.  One guy mentioned my length and I replied “well it’s been this long for awhile now, I mean since about 6:00 this morning!”  He looked TOTALLY confused and walked away.  Good grief!

Diva was awesome this morning... got up early, dressed and we headed to school roughly on time.  We met with her teacher last night and found that her reading skills are even worse than we had expected so it’s time to seek a tutor or she will be forever behind.  I am doing the best I can to stay positive because I know she knows this stuff, she just doesn’t trust herself to just READ.

Ahh... parenting!

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