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Thursday, January 6

Backtalk and Sass

Not my Diva... but this was her mood!
Last night I watched my girlfriends little girl overnight.  What an experience.  Diva has a pretty strict schedule daily, I have to or I go crazy, we have it timed pretty perfectly to end up with couch/reading time at 7:15.  Well… last night threw my entire schedule OUT THE WINDOW.  These two little rugrats were doing homework until 8, and then off to bed they went.  Diva’s friend doesn’t really have a bedtime so I wasn’t sure how this was all going to work but she asked to go to bed at the same time.  NICE!  HAHA, yeah.  I kissed them both and tucked them in, asked them to keep the giggling to a low roar and get some sleep.  I was pretty proud of myself thinking that I had the magic kid touch.  So I get all nestled on the couch, Glee on and the laptop ready to go… and here comes Diva’s friend.  “My owie hurts.” ** Side note, she cut her finger on the seatbelt in my car somehow** Well sweetie go back to bed and it will be all better in the morning.  Ok, back to typing…. And I hear the door again.  Umm, it still hurts.  Well, you haven’t slept yet so of course it does.  Back to bed she goes.  Diva still hasn’t made her appearance so I am just waiting.  A few more door clicks later it gets quiet.  YIPPEE… both asleep by 9!  WRONG again… 9:55 Diva makes her grand appearance.  With this little grin on her face, that makes me know full well that she is intending on asking something big.  She is too hot for her footed jammies that she just HAD to wear and wants to change into something more weather appropriate (REALLY, weather appropriate, what are they teaching her in school!).  Looking at her face I knew full well that she NEVER fell asleep… GREAT morning is going to SUCK! Back to bed she went with my best parenting advice… then don’t cover yourself up with 3 blankets!  Finally I thought I had won… I may have threatened her cute butt to stay in bed too.

After a little bit more writing and falling asleep during the end of Law and Order I got to bed about 11; they were both snoring when I checked on them… little angels!  Both were flipped the wrong way in their beds, both looked absolutely adorable. 

This morning Diva was in true form… backtalk and sass!  She didn’t want to get up because she was tired and school was stupid, then she didn’t want to take her jammies off because it was cold, she didn’t want to shower, and she didn’t want to wash her hair or get dressed…. SERIOUSLY child!  I finally got out the door about 10 minutes to 7, dropped off the little friend and headed to school.  I get Diva into her daycare program and she doesn’t want me to leave.  She wants me to call in sick to snuggle… OK, Dr. Jekyl really?  20 minutes ago I was the worst mommy ever because I made you brush your teeth and NOW you want me to call in sick to snuggle.  AHHH… Diva I wish I could.  So I promised a whole week off with her when Daddy gets home for R&R and she will be on spring break.  That seemed to work.  Days like today remind me why I love being married to a soldier… I get to be both good and bad guy all at once.  There is something cool about that!

Tonight shall be interesting as I am finally getting my hair done… and Diva gets to do more math and English homework that she hates!  FUN FUN especially knowing that she is going to be an exhausted child.

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