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Monday, January 3

Bye Bye Holidays!

This is our Santa tree... I LOVE Christmas!
I want to make it clear that I LOVE Christmas!  I have loved it since I was a little girl.  I love the family, the giving, the laughing, the smells, the lights, I love setting it all up… I love it all.  I even don’t mind repacking it all… I just love the holiday.  THIS year however was a bit different.  I still loved it and still got all childlike opening my gifts, and watching Diva open hers.  I had my parents at my house for the first time EVER and my Grandmother even stayed with me.  It was fantastic.  I would have only changed ONE thing and honestly he did everything he could to make it equally as perfect.
Now with all that being said…. I am SO glad it is over!  I have my living room back in it’s glory, I have my tables back and best of all WE ARE IN 2011 baby!  Good bye grumpy mall people, goodbye “quick” Target trips taking 45 minutes because there is no parking…. Goodbye Christmas tree leaving pine needles all over my living room.  Good bye 2010 and the looming deployment.  Haha.  I feel free people! 
The countdown has not officially begun for R&R, mainly because we don’t have an actual date yet, but we are in the homestretch.  AHHHHHHH!
We spent our awesome New Years weekend… CLEANING!  Our plans fell through so on Friday we did our nails, played Just Dance on the Wii and Diva kicked my BUTT, then watched the ball drop at midnight (9PM for us Cali folks!), then Tangled on Saturday and finished up the cleaning Sunday.  I now have a garage I can park in, a living room I can live in, a dining room we can EAT in and a kitchen I can locate.  Diva’s room can actually be walked through and clothes can be located.  What a great weekend.  Happy 2011 EVERYONE!

Diva's room... this was just what was hidden UNDER her bed!

apparently Baby, AKA mommy, should have stayed in the corner

AHH... my corner.  It's SO nice to see you again!

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