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Monday, January 31

Secure connection my FOOT!

My husband has been gone for like a week past FOREVER at this point, like 9 or 10 months.  Yes, I pretty much stopped counting because we are not to our (HOPEFULLY!) R&R month or homecoming so frankly I don’t care!  It’s just another day, in another month, in the YEAR he should be coming home.  My luck we will get to our R&R month, they will then cancel it, send him to a whole different country and extend his deployment 7 months.  OH CRAP!  I should not put that out there… sorry world.

We pay $80+ for internet, crappy…. Always cutting out, horrible connection with no stability internet.  For that amount of money I expect it to work, HAHA… FAT CHANCE.  Well, with this WONDERFUL internet we have had two major issues.  The first was a few weeks BEFORE Christmas BD’s credit card number got stolen and someone tried to charge almost $1000 on it.  Sadly, this happened to several guys in our unit, at different bases throughout the country.  HORRIBLE.  Then this morning I wake up to a nice email from USAA telling me that someone changed BD’s password on our checking account.  WONDERFUL!  I know it’s not him because, lets be honest he doesn’t even LOOK at the account.  He knows how much he can take a month and I do the rest.  So at 5:45 AM I was on the phone with USAA trying to obtain a temp password and lock on his account until I can figure this all out.  I am appreciative for technology but sometimes this is WAY more work than it needs to be!


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