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Friday, January 14

Blueberry Mufin Top

I LOVE sweets.... that is my BIGGEST downfall. I love the little personal cake thingy's from Duncan Hines. BD and I used to eat them watching tv... Gosh I miss that man. I have a soft spot for anything chocolate I think. I am trying to get back on my diet and move inthe right direction but it's a struggle. I felt my hips today... I felt PUDGE! Oh my oh my. I have this soft back chub, this hip chub and I think that I am getting a double wave WEIRD,
MONDAY... MONDAY I will be happily kicking but in kickboxing... then Tuesday I will start my MMA class. I am in a kickass mood... or rather an ass kicking mood. When Big Daddy gets home I want to be pretty good in both MMA and kickboxing. He loves that stuff so I want to be good at it. In the mean time I think it will help me get my self in shape THANK GOODNESS!

No sweets.... throwing them out and starting over.

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