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Tuesday, January 18

Diva and her laundry

I love having a 6 year old daughter… oh yes, the attitude and sass is so much fun.
After being gone all weekend she was asked to put HER clothes away… instead she chose to watch Hannah Montana and Zack & Cody.  When I put her to bed there were still clothes ALL over her bed, she chose to just push them onto the floor and thus became grounded for Monday.  Well, I had to work so she went to a friend’s house and played all day and came home at 5 to being grounded and having to put all of her clothes away.  She was done at 8 and had to finish her homework before bed.  By the way… I hate 1st grade homework.  There are word problems in her math book, how is she going to do word problems when she can barely read?!  1st grade for me was learning not to pick your boogers… SERIOUSLY! 
During the cleaning she was slamming things and yelling at me thus getting her grounded for Tuesday.  This deployment has brought out the nasty in little miss thing.  She thinks that just because it's JUST me right now she can act a fool.  NOPE.  She has had the I miss daddy excuse long enough... now it's just being a brat and I will not put up with it. 
Ok – fast forward to this morning.  She gets herself dressed and is making her lunch when I walk out and look at her white polo shirt (we are in uniforms at her public school) and it’s covered in chocolate and dirt.  Umm… Diva where did you get that shirt, it’s dirty?  Oh, it was on the floor with the clean clothes… yes sweetie that is why I didn’t want your CLEAN clothes on the floor.  We changed shirts, and headed to school.  LATE as usual. 

Maybe, just MAYBE I will make it to her school and then work ON TIME. 

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