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Monday, January 17


This weekend in Las Vegas I met Col. Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Miss America.  I sent a picture to my husband to which I assumed he would responded, “Please tell me you were polite”… haha.  and I had my response worked out "NOPE, sorry love... I was burping and farting, wiped my nose with my hand and then shook his." REALLY!  Instead he was so sweet and said that the Col was standing in his place.  AWWW.  Yes, LOVE this man.  Haha. 

Yesterday I got home, picked up Diva from my sisters… and I must say my nephew is about the cutest thing EVER!  He is 2 and I love hearing him say just about anything but especially my name.  haha.  I get home with little missy and ask how awesome her weekend was, she asked when she could do it again.  Apparently pretty awesome!  Then she said her tummy wasn’t feeling so good and next thing you know she is sitting in the bath tub and I am cleaning everything.  WELCOME BACK TO REALITY!  Thank goodness there isn’t much, smell wise that makes me nauseous!  Big Daddy can’t handle the smell of poop… haha.  The man can work in the prisons in Iraq, take care of any medical issues, give his OWN IV but gags over poop.  HAHA.

This morning she went to a friends as I had to work and school and daycare are closed... do they think that just because the school is closed that my employer is to?  SERIOUSLY, I pay over $600 a month for them to watch my daughter because I work.  I am saving all of my time off for R&R and homecoming....  So I asked her to get her clothes together and I walk into her room.... CLOTHES EVERYWHERE!!  All of the clean clothes that I washed Friday are on her floor because she wanted to watch TV instead, so now she is grounded.  Going to be a LONG week~  parenting is so much fun sometimes.

Vegas was amazing.  I am thankful to volunteer and be part of the Got Your Back Network assisting the wives and families of our fallen military.  I was grateful to be part of this weekend in Las Vegas and to meet 8 wonderful families, hear about their husbands and meet their children.  Honored and inspired are two words that hardly do justice to how I feel.  Blessed, simply blessed! 
Every day that he has been gone I have worried that something would happen, all of this is so out my control (and I like being in control, which is why I hate to fly!).  This weekend I met all of these women that calmed my fears without even realizing it.  They are all so positive, they have these amazing children that many adults could learn so much from.  I know that we still have almost 8 months until he is home, 8 months of missions and hearing about IED's and morter fire.  8 months that I can't control anything that happens around him but this weekend taught me so much about gratitude and appreciation.  I don't think that I often show people how grateful I am to have them in my life and I know that I need to do better with that.
When he left so did most of the people I considered friends... maybe I was the accessory as they were his friends more than mine?  I dont know.  But I do know that I have learned who my real friends are... interesting how that happens.  Your life gets harder or changes and people jump ship. 

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