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Wednesday, January 12

Long Enough??

Whats long enough for an email in reply to someone elses? Do you ever send these long super sweet emails to your husband and get a one liner back “I love you” or “Have a good day”? I am notoriously bad at long emails in response to his, mainly because he writes a good night email to me at noon while I am stressing about work cutoff times. He almost ALWAYS comments on my lack of reply email… but come on HE IS SLEEPING when I reply. I usually send him random emails and pictures throughout the day of things so I don’t send one BIG email so what. Jeez husband! Well, last night I guess he decided to prove a point. I wrote him this long cute goodnight email… called him every sweet name in the book, told him ALL about my day and this big charity event coming up. The reply I got this morning was “well, off to spin class. Talk to you later. I love you.” REALLY! I look forward to my good morning email EVERY day…. Does he NOT realize this? So with that being said… I will do better about longer replies to his emails because that REALLY bothered me!

On a side note – my Military Princess Apparel Facebook page is up and running… soooo if you are in need of any cute military blinged out shirts to signify you are a wife, girlfriend… mom or just supporter please let me know. I have some really cute Wife hoodies and tanks.

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Fwb_tripletmom said...

Its the same thing with David and I. He's notorious for the three or four word reply. Drives me insane. You're not alone sweetie! Soon both our hubbys will be back from their deployments! xo