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Wednesday, January 19

Bargain shopping

I LOVE bargain shopping… we shop at Kohls, Target and Walmart.  I also LOVE shopping at the GoodWill.  I will tell you why I love each store.
Kohls, I buy into all the % off and deals that make me feel like I am saving a fortune when in all reality I am not really.  I say this because if a pair of earrings is $24 at another store I would simply NOT buy them thus saving that money but at Kohls they are $12 with 15% off and I then justify said purchase and spend the money. 
Target, well I can get everything including the best grapes EVER at our Target.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that store although can rarely make it out in less than $50. 
Walmart has GREAT deals on workout clothes and food.  They always have 10 for $10 deals and they are one of the few stores that sell military cards and they just came out with military razors (all branches and even an American Flag). 
Goodwill… oh the Goodwill.  I re-discovered my love just before my 30th birthday.  Big Daddy threw me an 80’s party so I needed to go shopping for a cool outfit and what better place than a thrift store.  Diva and I set off one day and hit about 10 stores.  We ended up with several cute plaid uniform dresses for her, $2 a piece for the Nordstrom and Lands End jumpers that are regularly $25 and up, a few cute shirts and pants for play and mommy got some work clothes.  Once a month or so we will go on a thrift store day just to look for random things.  This past weekend I stopped at the Goodwill in Long Beach on my way home from the airport.  I left with a pair of Banana Republic slacks, a pair of Anne Klein slacks, a Banana Republic shirt and a cute t for $20!  Each pair of slacks was worth over $50!  Yep LOVE getting a deal.
Oh and Ross or TJ Max for shoes!  Got the best Guess heels for $25 at Ross a few months ago!

I am not now nor have I ever been too proud to say I love thrift stores.  Luckily for my family we grew up in a time that vintage was cool because my family shopped exclusively at Kmart because we weren’t wealthy, probably on the lower side of middle class… Diva asked this weekend if I knew these were used clothes and I explained that she can get 6-10 items here or 1 somewhere else for the same price… she came around quickly.  I am all about saving money, living below your means and having dreams… I don’t need the best everything even though I admire them. I love the finer things, I have a beautiful wedding set courtesy of Big Daddy’s last sandbox trip, nice clothes and some designer stuff… but for the most part my ENTIRE wardrobe is furnished by the places above!

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