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Friday, January 7


Friday… my favorite day of the week.  I love to look back and the rest of the week with my tongue out screaming NEE NER NEE NER NEE NER!

This Friday is no different.  It’s been a crappy week… LONG crappy week.  BD has been on a mission the last few days which has seriously impaired our communication.  Sometimes I think I forget he is in a war zone because we get to IM daily and share emails.  This week was also another one that I didn’t get my lazy ass back to the gym.  I pay for Kickboxing and MMA classes and yet I don’t go.  SO FRUSTRATING!  Monday… all crap cleaned out of the cupboards, only good and healthy food and I will lose the 15lbs I have gained and hopefully 3 or 4 inches and be happy before R&R!  I swear BD has lost almost 50lbs since he left and I have found some of it for him… I am not a happy wife about that.  I don’t like being soft.  I guess I figure no one sees me naked so it doesn’t matter.  Well… soon enough my white butt will be strutting around my bedroom to Adam Lambert and praying that NOTHING is jiggling or our of place~

Diva’s birthday is during R&R so she has decided that she wants a birthday party… a Cotton Candy birthday party.  Luckily I have a few months to plan this themed party.  A little bit at a time.  We will rent out the clubhouse at our complex and transform it into Candyland.  I am actually a little excited at the prospect of planning.  Haha. 

Here is to another week down and another one closer to R&R!


No Model Lady said...

I love the candy land themed party idea! SO cute!

Josie Bolleurs said...

You? Soft? I don't think so! But I totally know what you mean, mine's going to come home and see me bigger than I've ever been with this giant baby inside me! Rich has been working out and lost weight as well, I'd feel better if he was fat with me!
Hope you hear from your soldier soon! (hugs)