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Tuesday, January 11

Playlists and Mixed Tapes

Do you remember your first mixed tape?  I totally do, it had MC Hammer on it and I was 12.  The boy down the street hurt my feelings so to make up for it he brought over 1 single rose (that I kept until I moved out at 18!) and a cigar box with the mixed tape and a note (which I still have).  I loved that mixed tape and kept it forever.  I have run into that boy several times at random places over the years, we moved from that house when I was 13.  It's always a memory that I cherish though.  I remember dressing up in my, ok in my opinion, sexiest age appropriate outfit.  A pair of jeans, jelly's and a turquoise turtleneck over a hot pick one shoulder sweater then I strutted myself in the front yard HOPING he would notice and like me.  umm.. yeah, that didn't happen.  haha.
As an adult I have the playlist on my iPod... well I have a few now that I know how to make them.  I have one for the gym, one for relaxing, one for cleaning and one for the husband.  I listen to the husband one almost every day.  Big Daddy and I both love Adam Lambert and country... so it's an interesting mix of music.  There are songs that make me feel sexy, lets face it I haven't been touched intimately in more months than I care to count so it doesn't take much, there are also songs that make me lonely because they remind me of naked dancing or cooking dinner with him.  When I am in a mood, lately its been a pretty b*tchy one, I can put on music to enhance the mood because seriously I don't get this way often so I want to capitalize on it.  hee hee.  I thought I would compile some of my current favorite songs on ALL my playlists!

Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz - These were the ONLY 2 CD's we had on our Hawaiian vacation last year so this is what I think about.  It makes me so happy to hear these CD's.

Adam Lambert - Strut
This is on all my playlists because it makes me feel sexy and powerful but also has a good gym and cleaning beat

Best ALL OVER CD - sex or working out
Josh Groban - EVERYTHING.  His new CD Illuminations has quite a few new songs that I am in love with but one makes me want to storm the Colosseum in Rome and conquer it all

Carrie Underwood Play On has both loving and active songs.  Can't Take My Eyes Off You was our last dance song before he deployed.  I have AMAZING memories of this song. 

Best Naked Dancing song - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Sister Hazel has this song that just reminds me of the love my husband and I have... it's an awesome love.

This week I have been addicted to Train Marry Me and Sister Hazel This Kinda Love and oddly enough Cristina Aguilera's WooHoo (yep all about your vajajay)  I didn't realize that's what it was about but the beat is fabulous... as long as I can keep Diva from singing these words out loud (You wanna kiss my... lick my....)

I can't wait until Big Daddy gets home so I can add so many songs to our playlist...

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