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Thursday, January 27

Mandatory Cuddle Time

Army Wives, the show on Lifetime, has always been something BD and I have looked forward to.  Ok, honestly I almost demanded it the first few episodes then he gave in and realized that it was nice to have a mandatory hour together every Sunday night to cuddle.  So for the past 3 seasons we have made that our time.  If he is at training or work, I don’t watch it… thank you DVR, we watch it together on our first available night.  Last year he deployed in the middle of the season so I, begrudgingly, watched the rest without him.  I would tear up every week… then the guys deployed and I BAWLED.  It got to the point my friends would screen it for me... whether or not I should watch alone.  There was an episode about domestic violence, I invited someone over to watch with me after I was warned... that was part of my past life and still tough to handle.  
BUT happier news is that, while the season starts March 13, I will be able to DVR the first 3 or 4 episodes and then WE CAN WATCH THEM TOGETHER.  He may only be home for 2 episodes but at least I should get ½ the season with him… and since they are home not too long after he gets back from R&R I may just DVR the rest and wait for him.  


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