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Thursday, January 13

Vegas baby

Tomorrow I am headed to Vegas for a charity weekend. Project Gratitude is an initiative that was created by a former Miss America to salute widows. 8 widows and their daughters will be heading to Vegas from all over the nation to enjoy a weekend at Miss America. I am so honored to be part of this event. There is a part that is hard - these amazing families are experiencing something that I fear every day. Thier husbands died fighting a war that my husband is currently in the middle of. I am humbled by each of them, I am in awe and inspired by their courage.
I haven't been to Vegas in quite some time. I am excited and nervous. I am not a huge fan of flying, this trip will include my flight from LA and a helicopter ride... both of which I am basically terrified of. I will miss my Diva for the weekend but she is so happy that she gets the weekend with my sister. Big Daddy is doing so excited for me but will miss our Skype weekend time. This will be the first date he and Diva will have missed since this started. I feel horrible for it but hope that they both understand and I will make it up to each...

Here's to making a little bit of money... pick a table!

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