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Wednesday, January 26


I HATE migraines… I hate them so much!  ESPECIALLY when I have to work! Twice in the past 2 weeks I have woken up throwing up with a migraine.  The alarm goes off, I lay there and pray it’s just a bad dream but NOPE, it’s real.  I get up, shower in the dark, get Diva up and ask her nicely to keep the whining to a low whisper, get her to school… drive to work which is 6.9 miles directly into the sun!  MISERABLE!

It’s funny in a way because they always come the week before and the day I start my period… DAMN!  Here is the funny part:  When BD was home and we were trying to get pregnant my cycle was totally irregular, even with fertility specialist assistance I was a MESS.  We tried for 3 years… MESS.  He has been gone 9 months and my cycle has been perfectly normal for the past 5 months or so.  I find the comedy in this.  I can’t get pg now, lack of sperm and all, but I am probably super fertile… GOOD GRIEF!  Maybe this regularity will spill into R&R OR… my luck I will have my visitor all of the 15 days he is home. 

10 weeks baby!

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