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Monday, January 24

Blisters, Bikes, Backs and Erasers!

What a weekend!  Diva sure had a rough one…. On Saturday while trying to get across the funky monkey bars she ended up with two HUGE blisters.  Going to make gymnastics fun this week.  And then the BIGGEST thing of all happened - Diva learning how to ride her bike with NO training wheels.  Yes, I cried and videotaped it.  Our little angel riding a bike without training wheels…. This is something Daddy was supposed to do but missed.  He has missed so many things that he is ‘supposed’ to do with her.  Father Daughter dances, Daddy Donut Days, lost teeth, 1st Grade, talent shows…. And now this.  His civilian job has kept him away for most of it…. The Army for just bits and pieces.  He has promised when he gets home he will make US more of a priority.  I know work is important, I know that paying bills is imperative but if we are not a priority then what is it all worth?
Ok- enough on that rant.  Diva was a little scared so we loaded up her bike and headed to the park.  I brought a wrench (I think that’s what it’s called) to take the training wheels off… no such luck.  Headed back home for another tool… then back to the park  NOPE  they didn’t work because I am just not that strong.  I decided to take the bike and the cute excited Diva to Sports Authority to see if they would take the training wheels off.  THANK GOODNESS they were nice and took pity on my and my little angel.  They took the training wheels off and adjusted the seat.  Told me not to feel bad because it looked like they used an air gun to put them on… thanks!    On the way out the door, Diva tripped over her bike and went face first into the concrete.  WONDERFUL! 
We finally got to the park, got on the bike and started… she fell, then fell again… and again.  Finally she got over to the grass and just WENT.  She rode and rode… I told her to try to get on the sidewalk as that had to be MUCH easier than the grass.  Off she went toward the concrete and right into a bush with thorns… OFFICIALLY HAD BLOOD!  Well, there goes the sidewalk idea back to the grass.  After about an hour of falling and getting up she decided that she was done so home we headed.  I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of our little girl.

2nd…. Big Daddy hurt his back.  Well… not usually a big deal but when he had a rupture of 9.5 mm in 2004 and had surgery to fix it then deployed for 18+ months in 2005 and then re-ruptured it in 2008.  When he did his last MRI it was the same disc and its 8.5mm ruptured this time… and he deployed without surgery.  Needless to say any back twinge and I get panic-y.  I know that another surgery will happen at some point but preferably not when he is IN COUNTRY.  Yes, I know that they won’t do surgery there… they will send him home to be done here.  Sadly I don’t trust the VA with a surgery like this.  I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and it’s FREE!  Sorry.  I am sure the VA is great for some things but not this… this is his back.  I want a husband that can run and dance…that can ride bikes with his daughter and future kids.  So all this gets to be too much.

AHHHH… oh and the best thing of all happened at lunch yesterday.  Diva and I had been tidying up the dining room and she left an eraser.  I picked it up and looked at it….

It says I don’t love my mommy.  I almost started to cry and asked her why she wrote this.  Her response was that I had been mean so she got mad.  Then we both cried and hugged each other knowing full well that she had hurt my feelings.  I know that she didn’t mean it but WOW… that hurt.

Glad it’s Monday!

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