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Wednesday, August 31

Secret Squirrel

Do you ever keep secrets from your spouse?  Cute little anniversary surprises or purchases on your credit card?

I SUCK at keeping secrets, I am THE WORST liar (my parents were thankful!) and rarely can surprise Hubby.  It’s often a joke in our house because I want to give birthday or Christmas gifts as soon as I get them and he has to almost beg me to wrap and stop.  It’s a curse I suppose.

Hubby and I have never kept secrets; we tell Diva that you don’t keep secrets in a family (which is mainly because of the whole stranger and good touch/bad touch type of thing).  We have always been open and honest about everything... it’s, to us, the key to a good relationship.  Although my credit card is my secret... Don’t judge, I love shoes!

Anyhow I have 2 HUGE secret surprises coming up... I have kept them both from everyone just in case.  The last thing I want is to have someone spill the beans before I can... I mean good grief this whole secret squirrel thing is KILLING me!  Diva doesn’t know, my family doesn’t... his family knows something just so they can keep him away and allow time for set up of said surprise.  Then in a few weeks is our anniversary and I have the most amazing thing scheduled for us to do and yet he has NO clue!

Glad it’s Wednesday... only a few more days to keep secret/surprise number 1!

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Reccewife said...

I also suck terribly at surprises, so good for you! Hope it goes great!