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Tuesday, February 1


When husband left we had a big going away party… invited everyone he knew.  Guess what, they pretty much all showed up throughout an entire day.  They showed up with wives, kids, girlfriends… a constant stream of people.  As each person left they uttered the same sentiment, “Princess, if you need ANYTHING just call… even if you just need a friend”.  Those who know me, know that I don’t ask for anything… it’s not in my nature.  I reluctantly agreed, mostly from the other moms thinking that it may be good for a playdate.  Maybe this deployment would strengthen friendships… I did warn BD that most of these ‘friends’ wouldn’t be there when he came home, that they would bail just like friends in the past.  Things get hard, they bail… BD argued that we were adults and these people were genuine.  HA HA PALEEZE!

With 1 or 2 exceptions I haven’t spoken to these ladies in MONTHS.  I was having a horrible time just after Christmas… needed a break and texted one of the moms.  Simply asking her schedule as I ‘really needed a friend”.  I got a response that she was busy and would call later…. That was weeks ago and still no call.  Just as expected!

Funniest part is this… when he gets home and has his requested homecoming party all of these people will be there telling me how the time just flew by and that they are just so proud of how strong I am because they KNOW that they couldn’t do it.  TRUE!  I am just that rock solid and amazing.  I don’t need anyone, I am stoic and superhuman.  HAHA.  NOPE… just a normal mom that occasionally needs a break, needs a friend and possibly a DRINK.  I am at the point now to find the comedy… I know who my friends are and they know who they are… they are the women that I know I can call and will be there for me no matter how often we see eachother or talk.  Those are my friends.

*Sidenote* It was BD that changed his OWN password yesterday and just forgot to tell me.  Thanks love… I freaked for NOTHING.  ahha

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