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Tuesday, February 22


Today I saw pictures of a homecoming on Facebook and while I was SO excited for those families I was also very jealous.  This is the ONLY time I wish we were active duty (ok, not true... I LOVE the moving aspect too!).  This specific unit left last a year ago and are now home... because of training my husband left in April but instead of us preparing for an April homecoming we are preparing for R&R!  We still have several months before we will see the plane/buses come into our unit dispersing out loved ones for our homecoming celebrations.  BAH!  Sometimes I hate the wonders of social networking, like a knife in the heart.   YEP... I FEEL JEALOUS~

Ok - Back to the regularly scheduled blog!

Something you LOVE about yourself...

I love a lot of things about myself but what I love most is my strength. 8 1/2 years ago I left an abusive relationship and started a new life. 4 years ago I began a journey to adopt my beautiful daughter as a single parent. 3 years ago I married my best friend and the Army. 11 months ago my husband told me he would be leaving in 30 days for training and then a 13 month deployment to Iraq. Strength is just something I am and I am proud of my strength.
It’s odd to talk about my feelings about… well myself. I can talk about most things pretty easily. I found this question to be a bit difficult but realized that my strength is what has kept me alive and moving forward. My strength led me to my amazing husband because Lord knows it took strength to enter into a relationship. It was my strength that allowed me to KNOW I could move forward in adopting without a partner… it’s my strength that is getting me through each day the wife of a deployed soldier… and it’s my strength that keeps me from snapping off to some idiot that asks me things such as “Aren’t you afraid he is going to get killed?” or “Do you miss him?” or my personal favorite “How do you do this?” Lets see… yes, I am terrified that the love of my life and my soul mate will be injured but I have faith in the Lord that nothing will happen. We have both been through our share of heartache and crap, nothing is going to stop me from sharing my life with him! Do I miss him? Yes, like I would miss my right arm if it were suddenly taken away. I miss little things like his smell, the smell of oversprayed Axe body spray in my bathroom every morning… and the big things like his arms wrapped around me at the end of a long day or his kiss before bed every night. How do I do this… oh yes HOW. Well moron, the better question is: How could I NOT do this? This is my husband not my neighbor, I love him more than anything… we have vows, and a relationship. We have a future. See… strength not to backhand stupid people. Haha

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