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Monday, February 14

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

Valentines Day was one of my favorite days of the year until I hit high school… and then I was simply not the girl that got flowers or those silly singing candy grams.  They choir or runners would come into the classrooms each period all day each year and pass these stupid things out and I would NEVER get one so I gave up.  Then it became one of my most loathed holidays… nothing could ever live up to the ideals in my head. 
That was until Valentines Day 2007!  Bid Daddy and I had been living together for a few months so I knew the proposal was around the corner but had always told him that a Valentines proposal was LAME and CLICHÉ.  The weeks leading up to Valentines day included some nice lunches at places I was sure he would propose… nothing.  So on Valentines Day we went out and I was just excited for an adult night with him… all dressed up in a suit (with a pink shirt!).  After dinner we drove around and then stopped by the restaurant we went to on our first date… after some giggling (A LOT of annoyance on my part since it was cold and I had to work the next day) he proposed.  I cried and hugged and cried. 

4 years ago he put that rock ring, on my finger and it’s been an adventure ever since! 

This was my good morning message from him -

I love you so much, and aside from wishing you Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Engagement Anniversary, I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking that chance with me 4 years ago today.
Thank you for bringing Diva into my life. Thank you for creating the family I have always wanted. Thank you for supporting me in my life, and especially this deployment. You are truly an angel sent from heaven. Thank you baby. I hope you have a good rest of your day.
I love you
Yep - I am a lucky woman!
I took little miss priss to donuts this morning so she got to open her necklace from daddy… she loved it and wanted it put on her neck right away.  Lets PRAY it comes home with her as well.  So tonight will be a Wii date and a little Fro Yo, perfection if my love can’t be here.  He did open his gifts from us today (a 14.5lb flat rate box) and seemed to be VERY happy with its contents including 1 tank top covered in my perfume!

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Jen said...

That's a really cute necklace :) i like it