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Saturday, February 19

Roots and Upkeep

I realize that since BD has been gone I have been remiss in a few minor girl things… shaving is one and apparently my roots are another.  I have always been a dirty/ash blonde but have highlighted my hair for more years than I care to remember.  Every 8 weeks you can find my bottom firmly planted in Alex or Gina’s chair (depending on schedule).  Yes, I have two AMAZING hair people… I am lucky like that. 
Well, yesterday a coworker asked me when I was getting my roots done as they were HORRIBLE.  First, horrible is a little over stating as I just got them done the first week of January… but yes they are not pretty.  Here is my problem though.  I didn’t plan this out right as I wanted to get them done just before R&R which is the first week of April so if I get them done now I am BARELY at 7 weeks and that seems like a waste of money HOWEVER I don’t know if these can go another 7 weeks before I want to do it myself with a cap.  Yes, I have done this and it NEVER turns out well… AHHHH!  What to do what to do???  I am going to wax, for the first time, before he gets home so that for 15 days I am soft and sexy… then back to sheer laziness until he gets home.
So do it or not???  An wow, looks like the eyebrows need to be cleaned up too!


Letters From Home said...

Ugh I can so relate. I need my hair cut and dyed....the grey is horrible! For whatever reason I can never get the at home dye kits to turn out well on my hair. It always end up in hair disaster where I'm at the salon crying and spending 3x as much for a repair job.

Shana said...

I AM SO with you on this... I have tried and tried but never can get the home kits to work so there I sit shelling out almost $100 every other month for my pretty hair.