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Thursday, February 17

Habitual Romance?

My husband has been awesome.  Every month since he left for training last April (yes, this stupid deployment started LAST APRIL for us… and we still have 6 months to go!) he has sent me small reminders. Flowers or Edible Arrangements… crown jewelry, little things just to make me smile and remind me that he is always thinking about me.  However before this deployment even started we talked about renewing our vows… always something that I wanted to do. 
When Big Daddy and I got married it was PERFECT.  I wouldn’t have changed much, just a few more of my friends not working, but beyond that everyone that mattered was there.  Diva was part of the ceremony, I got the white dress (ok off white but whatever), my daddy walking me down the double staircases and an amazing man at the end.  It was perfect.   In 2009 we went to Kauai on our first vacation and basically our honeymoon (belated) and renewed our vows.  On the beach overlooking the ocean was another perfect ceremony for us.  There was this feeling of being alone in the world with just us on that beach… staring at each other and thinking about all we had experienced and all that was left.  I want to be clear that we have never had marital problems nor faltered in our vows or desire to be together… we just love the idea of renewing and reaffirming our love. 
This year, on our 4th anniversary and after a 16 month deployment we have decided to do this once again… this time it’s my turn to plan it completely.  I have all these great ideas but haven’t set on just one.  I want it to be amazing and romantic… magical.  This ceremony is not about money or a grand show… or really anyone else, it’s just about us.  We write our own vows and have an officiant remarry us.  We are goofy and dorky but are madly in love.  We have decided that after this we will wait until our 10th, then in 5 year increments forever! 
Is there a silly or sweet thing that you and your sweety do for your anniversary or just because that you have made a habit out of?

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Michelle said...

I LOVE that idea!!! You guys have been through a lot with this deployment and its such a good way for you guys to also get back into the swing of things. GREAT idea!!! Let me know what you decide to plan...I want to hear all of your ideas...can't wait to see you guys again!! love ya!