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Wednesday, February 16

Interesting yet stressful

AHHH… Wednesday!  This week has been interesting and stressful. 
First I must say that I have the most amazing husband!  Yes, this deployment is a constant reminder that he is the PERFECT person for me.  He sent me a cookie bouquet for Valentines Day (funny because he KNOWS I am trying to get in shape, made evident by my request and receipt of Thermogenics!), he also trusts me with HUGE decisions and we can’t wait for R&R (LESS THAN 50 days!).  Every month that he has been gone has resulted in a small token of love, from flowers to Edible Arrangements, Crown stuff (I am a princess) and the COOKIES!  He is supportive in whatever way he possible can from his location. 
Diva has been, well SUPER Diva lately.  She just knows everything, can do anything and feels NO need to listen to anyone.  She refuses to try in school, fails all spelling pretests then gets home the same night and knows how to spell every word.  I am at a total loss with her most days.  LAST night was Wii night… I LOVE Wii dancing so we did 6 songs together and then I did the Super Sweat 3 songs by myself after she went to bed.  FUN  and very needed.
Tonight I am taking his mom to see a place we want.  We have not been really looking for a new home and planned to wait until the end of deployment for this BUT it just happened out of the blue.  BD and I believe that things happen for a reason and we just ride the wave and pray.  Nothing in our relationship has been easy but that has made us stronger and brought us together so I believe that this next step will be no different.  BUT doing things without him on this deployment has been BIZARRE!

Tomorrow will start my workout countdown to R&R!

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