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Saturday, February 12

Parent's Night Out

Last night Diva's school had a parents night out.... for Valentines Day.  Well... since there is just one of me and the idea of sitting at a restaurant alone does NOTHING for me I decided to make it functional.  I went and got our taxes done and then to my favorite spa for a massage. 
NO ONE has touched my skin in MONTHS so it was a weird feeling.  It took me a few minutes to relax but BOY I needed it... mostly evident by the lady repeating "Wow, you are tense" and "There are a lot of knots, are you stressed?"  I just giggled and laid there.  Am I stressed?  HAHA, my husband is in a warzone, my kid is being devil more than angel and I have 7 weeks to get my house in some sense of complete military order.... YEP STRESS!

Today Diva and I have a few fun things, but first thing... we sold BD car!  A very sweet little boy bought it and I know he will take complete care of it.  We also have a skype date with daddy and then we are giving Valentines treats to shelter animals.... if you remember the last time we did this we came home with a dog.  Big Daddy, who incidentally is not so big anymore!, reminded me NO MORE ANIMALS!  Yes, dear.

Have a great Saturday all!

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