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Friday, February 11

Random 5 questions...

Since there is no Milspouse Friday Fill In - I went and found 5 random questions to answer so here ya go!

1. What ticks you off?
Liars!  IF there is one thing that will send me OVER THE MOON with anger its being lied to.  I don't forgive it and I don't forget it.

2. What in your life has been an inspiration?
My biggest inspiration has been those around me that have fought to make it.  I am a fighter and am inspired by others just like me.

3. Who do you admire the most?
I admire my husband for his determination to get in shape... and for the way he loves me just the way I am.

4. What do you consider weird?
Ventriloquists!  They are just freaky and weird... there is somethng off about an adult with their hand in a puppet talking to themselves!

5. Whats one weird fact about you that youd like to share with people?
I learned how to wiggle my ears in high school... it's a funny parlor trick.  OOH I am SUPER pigeon toed on my left side, my mom fixed it when I was younger but when I am tired it turns in and I trip.

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